Julia Watkins

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 12!

Today we’re talking to slow living enthusiast Julia Watkins, creator of the Instagram account @simply.living.well and author of the book by the same name which came out in early April. We reached out to Julia when we discovered her book and how perfectly it dovetailed not only with the themes in our own book, The Lady Farmer Guide to Slow Living,  but with the events of those early spring weeks, when the reality of covid and the quarantine was driving more and more people to seek out the wisdom of slow living and simple ways.

 Julia begins by talking about the three phases of her life that most influenced the slow living lifestyle that she now espouses and demonstrates to a large following—her childhood spent closely tied to her grandparents and their rich but simple lifestyle, her years spent in a remote village in West Africa, immersed in a life centered around community and nature, and her own entry into motherhood. 

We cover a lot of great topics in this conversation, including the challenges of balancing an authentic, scaled- back lifestyle along with an active social media presence, the sustainability and zero-waste movements, the realities of constant stress in our present day culture, motherhood in the absence of a communal village, and the value of recognizing what’s most important to each of us in the cultivation of our slow living goals. Come along with us in this lovely conversation, as we hear Julia’s own story unfold and learn from her experience as well.

Listen to our conversation below!