Sowing Seeds of Slow Living

We Are Lady Farmer

Founded in 2016, Lady Farmer was formed in response to the growing movement of people who identify with nature and its cycles, simple comforts, tradition and sustainability. Today, we are a Slow Living Community Network & Marketplace. Join us as we dream up and deliver ways for each of us to live into the new paradigm - one that is regenerative, balanced, and whole.

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The ALMANAC is a private Lady Farmer Community, created exclusively for members. Inside The ALMANAC, you will join a growing community of people who are seeking a slower, more sustainable lifestyle, guided by simplicity, beauty, and connection with the natural world. 

Enrollment is now open through June 21st!

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The Good Dirt Podcast

Hosted by Mary & Emma, listen to our weekly podcast with expert interviews, lively discussions, and actionable takeaways as we dig deep to make our lives — and the planet - a little better.


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St. Brigit the Lady Farmer

St. Brigit the Lady Farmer

As Lady Farmers, we want to pay homage to our predecessors, the women figures from history, myth and legend who embodied a powerful connection to t...

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