48-Hour Holiday Popup

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Hand-made, small-batch, sustainable items made ethically in America.

Our main objective from the beginning of this journey with Lady Farmer was to find sustainable alternatives for items we use day-to-day, from clothing to housewares to products of everyday living. Sometimes this means producing something ourselves, such as the four garments in our inaugural clothing line, The Essential Collection. Other times, it means partnering with others who are using their craft and passion to design these items. We carry zero-waste, sustainable items in our online marketplace year-round, and host occasional pop-ups to feature other American artisans dedicated to this same mission.

Today, December 11th 2020, we open our Holiday Popup for 48-hours, featuring hand-made, small-batch items made ethically and sustainably. This feature popup will close on Sunday, December 13th 2020 at 1 pm EST, after which all items will be shipped out. Please note – some of these items will be shipped by the maker themselves, while others will be shipped by us. As such, shipping costs will vary depending on the products you purchase. Items being shipped by the maker themselves will have an additional $6 shipping fee to cover the shipping materials and increased shipping costs.


You will find CBD balms and oils from Jimbo & Jules, a sustainability-focused and ethically-minded small business. James (Jimbo) Lord and Julia (Jules) Leikin believe in the therapeutic potential of plants and the importance of transparency in business. Together, they hand-craft a variety of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products from pure, all-natural, organic, & ethically sourced ingredients. Jimbo & Jules created the Conscious Garden Project (CGP) to share the benefits of native gardening and encourage others to get their hands dirty planting native landscapes. Every Jimbo & Jules order includes a free packet of wildflower seeds native to your region of the continental U.S. Follow Jimbo & Jules on Instagram at @jimboandjules_.

Organic cotton coffee filters and washcloths are available from Jennifer Jeremiah, the seamstress behind The Conscious Cloth. All of her cloths are sewn at her studio in Michigan, where she lives with her husband and daughters. The Conscious Cloth is dedicated to using only the most renewable and fairly-produced fibers, with fair practice and organic certifications required for every fabric purchase. Choosing reusable organic cotton cloths in place of plastics or disposable paper drastically reduces waste in our oceans and landfills and is the healthier alternative for you and your family. Follow The Conscious Cloth on Instagram at @theconsciouscloth.

You will also see some of our existing holiday goods highlighted here, like the beautiful cherry wood utensils from Jonathan’s Spoons, a family-run business based in Kempton, Pennsylvania, wooden biscuit cutters & muddlers handmade with local wood by a small family-owned business in rural Tennessee, and naturally-dyed bandanas and scarves from Cincinatti Ohio, sourced ethically and dyed sustainably by hand.

We hope you will enjoy introducing these sustainable, hand-crafted goods into your homes, or gifting them to loved ones.