And so it begins…

WE DID IT! Our Kickstarter ended this morning with over $51K! We’ve been saying it for weeks now and we’ll say it again and again, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed, pre-ordered, shared, mentioned, liked, intended, or even saw what we were doing and felt inspired (inspiration is a powerful thing!) ALL of you have had a part in getting us to this point and we are immensely grateful.

I sat with my cup of coffee this morning watching the clock tick out on our campaign feeling full of gratitude, relief and amazement. But more than anything I just felt excited! It’s been quite a year of hard work, ups and downs, decisions, lots of uncertainty, finding our way in unknown territory –also plenty of fun, wonderful people, new friends and new places, LOTS of going and meeting and chatting and explaining. It’s all paid off and now here we are, not at the end, ironically–but at the very beginning!

Now we get to actually start doing what we set out to do in the first place. First up, we will start the process of manufacturing the sustainable garments that many of you have pre-ordered so that they can be in your hands by spring as planned. Hurrah for SLOW FASHION! Ideas for the Lady Farmer podcast are already in motion, and we’ve even done some preliminary groundwork for that Slow Living Conference we’ve dangled in front of you. There’s also talk of starting a fiber crop in our area for the next growing season, the first step in Lady Farmer textile production!  For us, all of this has so much inspiration and energy behind it coming from all directions that it feels like jumping into a current that’s already in motion.

After everything we have experienced over the last year, there’s no doubt that Lady Farmer has a place in the world with those who are seeking a better way to be living on this planet –and we’re all co-creating that path through the awareness of our deep connections to the earth, the building of community and the power of our personal choices. Thank you again, all of you, for being with us on this joyful, inspiring journey thus far. Stay tuned, there is SO MUCH MORE to come.

Now here we go!