Make Your Next Picnic Zero-Waste and Plastic-Free

It’s finally summer, which means we’re gearing up for a lot more time spent out in the sun—or better yet, a perfect spot in the shade! You might not be able to gather with friends at your favorite local eatery right now, but you can certainly prepare your own food and meet up for a friendly zero-waste picnic. On-the-go meals are typically  accessorized with a plethora of plastic utensils, paper plates and plastic bags that all end up in the landfill after just one use. We’re welcoming Plastic Free July by erasing this wasteful mindset and instead, preparing you with the ultimate guide to the perfect plastic-free picnic.

What is the perfect accompaniment to a zero-waste picnic, you might ask? Why, the wool insulated lunchbox, of course! This plastic-free lunchbox is made of 100% unbleached certified organic cotton canvas and is fully equipped with an organic cotton pouch that can be removed and cleaned as necessary. Your food can be kept warm or cool, thanks to the wool insulated interior. Organic cotton is a great, sustainable alternative to the typical lunchbox made from plastic and nylon. It’s grown without the assistance of synthetic fertilizers, defoliants, pesticides, or herbicides, and is always grown from untreated, non-genetically modified seed. When your lunchbox has lived to the end of it’s days, remove the metal zipper and it becomes completely biodegradable. So pack up your lunch and pop it in your plastic-free lunchbox and make a day of it.

Our Favorite Things To Bring Along On A Zero-Waste Picnic

The Best Little Travel Spork Ever

This foldable stainless steel spork is perfect for on-the-go. Fold it up and pop it in the organic cotton pouch it comes in and throw it in your backpack or lunchbox. Every time you use this spork you save a plastic utensil from ending up in the landfill. 

Plastic-Free Snack and Sandwich Bags

These reusable baggies are made from juco, a completely sustainable fabric that is composed of 75% jute and 25% cotton. Thanks to the jute, they are water resistant and durable and because of the cotton these baggies have a finer weave and are soft to the touch. The juco bag closes with a cotton string and wooden buttons making it adjustable to the size of your snack to fit a large sandwich or a handful of nuts. 

Beeswax Natural Food Storage

This plastic-free wrap works just like Saran wrap but is made of natural ingredients and is wonderfully reusable and biodegradable. These beeswax wraps are made of sustainably harvested beeswax, organic cotton, tree resin, and organic jojoba oil to make a flexible (and naturally antibacterial!). Simply fold the wrap around your food with the warmth of your hands and as the wrap cools, the seal will hold its place.

Insulated Travel Camp Cup

Say goodbye to single-use coffee cups and welcome this 12 oz vacuum insulated mug into your on-the-go routine. Pre-freeze your beverage in this metal mug and enjoy your ice cold drink as it melts.

A Few More Plastic-Free Picnic Tips

Give your cloth napkins double-duty as food wraps as well — and avoid using disposable wipes by taking a dampened washcloth for clean-up. And for keeping  your lunchbox cool, fill a pint size Mason jar 2/3 full of water (no more, it might burst in the freezer), put the lid on and pack it in!  

We hope this guide to a zero-waste picnic serves you well. Share your picnic stories with us on Instagram @weareladyfarmer!