May Book Club Goes Wild!

As we make our way through the many changes wrought by this journey through the global pandemic, do you find yourself drawn to the idea of wilderness?

When we begin to recognize a desire for a more slow living lifestyle, there comes a glimmer of awakening from the unconscious belief that we are somehow separate from nature, and a deep yearning to reconnect with the earth. This might come at any point in our lives, but Doniga Markegard was only thirteen years old when a serious accident nearly took her life, but ultimately opened her heart and soul to her deep hunger for an immersion in the raw and unspoiled world of the forest.  Dawn Again is the beautiful and engaging memoir of the author’s journey from a lost teenager to a young woman coming of age through lessons learned in the wild.

In this book, we follow Doniga through her experiences as a student at the Wilderness Awareness School in the Pacific Northwest to her current life as a wife, mother and Lady Farmer who practices and promotes the principles of regenerative farming through their family ranch operation, Markegard Family Grass-Fed.

Join us for our next virtual Lady Farmer Book Club on May 28th at 7:30pm EST as we discuss Dawn Again by Doniga Markegard, and perhaps glean some understanding of our own relationship to the natural world around us. Order the book and support independent bookstores using the link below!

Order the book!