Our Quest To Create The Perfect Pant: Pomona

We have a feeling that the quest for the perfect pant is a universal thing. Why? Maybe because it doesn’t actually exist…it’s an ideal we all chase after to no avail…or that it is simply a matter of fact that the “perfect pant” means something different to literally every single person. Which is why, as we set ourselves to the task of creating a Lady Farmer pant for the Essential Collection line, we ran into roadblock after roadblock until we came up with something that we hadn’t actually seen before. Without trying to claim we invented it, we’ll just say that the pant closure we came up with (non-elastic, no zipper/plastic, yet adjustable AND fitted…) seems new at least to us. It’s a tie and a button for full adjustability, but not too much to maneuver.


Biodegradable Fashion-Forward

Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruiting trees and plants.

Because one of our goals is for our garments to be completely biodegradable, we wanted to create a pant without any elastics or other synthetics that would never break down. These pants have an inner adjustable tie that’s both practical and flattering, plus they are super comfortable and you can wear them for any occasion.


Like all of our clothes, they could literally be returned to the earth to nurture the soil when their useful life is over. But that won’t be for a really long time because they’re made of a hemp/organic cotton blend that lasts and lasts!


The Pomona pants are made from a hemp/organic cotton blend. They are pre-shrunk/machine washable. Available in non-stripe charcoal and pinstripe. Currently in production, sign up here to be the first to know when they become available to order in our shop