Sustainable Lifestyle Skills

A big part of leading a sustainable lifestyle is knowing that there are alternatives to buying more things, especially when it comes to our clothes. We already know not to buy fast and cheaply produced fashion, and fortunately there are more brands out there now who are embracing sustainable sourcing and production.

One of the first steps in embracing the slow fashion journey, however, is to use what you already have! Makes sense, right? But what do we do with that garment we'd like to keep wearing if it weren't for that ripped seam, the loose hem, or that snag that turned into a hole? We do what our grandmothers did. We mend them!

If you know from the get-go that you're not one to pick up a needle and thread, consider finding someone who mends professionally and pay for that service. This is a great way to revitalize a loved garment while saving you the money you'd spend on something new, AND a great way to express value for sewing skills!  But if you're game for an easy way to make your clothes last, spending less time and money in the long run, keep reading! Here are some simple and quick techniques that you can do anytime, and in a pinch. 

So how do you start slow with mending your clothes?  We’ve got you covered! Here are some simple and quick techniques to get you started.   We’ll walk you through what you absolutely need, and take each technique step by step.

For now, we recommend that you only invest is two small tools: a hand sewing needle (or small pack of them), and one spool of thread. You might have some lying around from a free gift or hotel visit, or maybe borrow some from a friend. 

Next, using about an arm’s length of thread, thread and knot a needle. To learn how, watch this video tutorial:


And then, if you’re itching to try out sewing, watch this video starting at 3:12. It’ll help you with fixing a hole in one of the sweaters you just pulled out for the winter:


Happy Mending!