The 2023 Slow Living Challenge

Sowing Seeds of Slow Living is the mantra we embrace at Lady Farmer. Simplifying our belongings, prioritizing good food and mental health, and choosing sustainable habits have a positive impact on ourselves, our community and our planet. Since 2019, the Lady Farmer community has welcomed the new year with the Slow Living Challenge, a group activity that encourages us to slow down and refocus our priorities.

Now in its fifth year, we invite you back to the Slow Living Challenge, where we embrace and take essential steps towards building a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Join Us!

This year's challenge will take place over five weeks. Each Monday morning we’ll be sharing a new challenge theme for the week on our blog and Instagram. Follow along as we step up to the challenge and take actionable steps each week to make healthier and more sustainable choices. Let us know how you’re doing by sharing photos and videos on Instagram, and engage with others in our online community!

Here are quick links to each week's theme:

Slowing down truly can be a challenge. We know how difficult it is to balance busy schedules at work and at home…and at work-from-home or home-school…with practices that don’t always fit into our modern way of life. Our goal is to give you simple, attainable steps toward a more intentional lifestyle.

It's all about making those small shifts! Follow along with others online by sharing your journey, tagging @weareladyfarmer, and using the hashtag #SlowLivingChallenge to engage with others.

We look forward to seeing how you slow down, and encourage journaling thoughts, emotions and insights as you go!