The Demeter Tunic

As a sustainable apparel company, we’re looking to create pieces that are both functional/practical and something we feel good in. Part of sustainable wardrobe  is making sure your clothes can actually work for you! The Demeter Tunic is the queen of practicality. With four GIANT pockets and an oversized shirt/tunic feel, she can work as anything from a painting smock to a stylish summer picnic piece. Here she is modeled by Rebecca of A Daily Something

Demeter is the first garment we created, named for the Greek goddess of agriculture, Mother Earth, the ultimate Lady Farmer! She fed the world abundantly and humankind thrived with her bounty. Designed for functionality, our all- purpose tunic is inspired by this powerful feminine energy, with its classic lines and sound construction. Mid-weight, roomy, with ¾ length sleeves with wide deep pockets in front and back that hold anything. Great for on-the-job gardening, painting, photography, foraging…whatever it is you love to do! It can be worn as a top with leggings or as a dress for those who like the shorter style.

The fabric that we originally used to sample this piece was a hemp/organic cotton blend, but we have since been  unable to source that same fabric in the quantities that we need. (We need to be growing hemp in the USA so that we can use this amazing fabric!) Instead, we’re using an equally luscious organic linen/cotton blend that we are so excited excited about! We’re currently in production on these garments (hooray if you were a Kickstarter backer!) and will be building up an inventory as well, ready to ship in late April 2018. Make sure you’re on our mailing list to be the first to know!