Why Lady Farmer?

We created Lady Farmer because we believe in sustainability. We believe in fulfilling our basic human needs for food and clothing without harming our planet or our human community. As small scale farmers, we feel committed to the production and promotion of “slow food,” and as we’ve awakened to the horrors of the fashion industry, we find ourselves drawn to “slow fashion,”  a movement away from the current devastating practices in clothing production. These two, slow food and slow fashion, work beautifully in tandem with one another to make up an idea that has been deemed “slow living.” Slow living means sustainable living, a lifestyle where fast food and fast fashion don’t fit in.

My mom’s a writer, I’m a millennial and an entrepreneur, and we’re both Lady Farmers embracing our mission by making conscious choices every day.  We’re lucky to know lots of Lady Farmers who inspire us with their strength, creativity, and drive to better the deep connections they have with the earth, each other, and the community. And we’re willing to bet that you’re Lady Farmer too, because you found your way here looking for a deeper, more soulful way of living.

Our relationship with our clothes should reflect this philosophy of living as much as our relationship with our food. We’re learning to grow more of what we eat and spend a lot of time working outdoors. In doing so, we’ve realized that we don’t actually have the clothes that a) work with us and our lifestyle in general (too hot/too bulky/not enough pockets/made for men/not flattering) or b) have a supply/production chain of integrity, much less that we actually know anything about.

So here, we’re committed to working on a few things. We’ll be writing (both mom and I) about all aspects of the slow food/slow fashion/slow living life, hoping to enlighten, learn from, and inspire whomever we can. In addition, we intend to produce clothing for the earth-centered lifestyle that is not only practical but socially responsible.  We’ll be transparent about our production process (something few clothing companies can claim), and we’ll hope to deliver a product that you love as much as we do. We also hope, in terrible business sense, that you won’t need to buy very many of what we produce, since we’re looking to make very high quality, lasting garments in an effort to combat our current cultural state of over consumption. Y’all, we really just don’t need so much stuff!

So here we are. Bear with us as we figure all of this out –and grow with us as our vision takes root and begins its journey from the ground up.

We love you, Lady Farmers, we’re so glad you’ve found us.