Why These Sustainable Wool Dryer Balls Are Better

When contemplating sustainable laundry, hand washing and line drying might be ideal. But we don’t have to go that far if we’re not inclined—do we? Eco friendly laundry products and energy-efficient machines make it far easier. But what about all of those floral scented dryer sheets that supposedly make your laundry smell all “natural” and meadow-like?

Fragrances used in dryer sheets don’t have to be listed under federal law, as Dr.Josh Axe details. So does that mean chemical byproducts that we don’t know about are coming out of dryer vents into our air? We can’t be certain. But fragrances concocted in a lab might make a person wonder. There’s the sheet waste byproduct to consider, too, and the cost and carbon footprint of buying a non-sustainable product over and over again!

Lady Farmer friends, we’re here to tell you there’s a better way to soften your fabrics and incorporate sustainable laundry routines into your joyful slow-living lifestyle!

Our alpaca wool dryer balls are a stellar sustainable choice amongst eco friendly laundry products. Here’s why!

5 Reasons We Love Using Sustainable Dryer Balls


They Save Drying Time

Adding 3 of our alpaca wool dryer balls to a small load of laundry reduces drying time by 25%! (Add 4-5 balls for larger loads.) Think 15 minutes is no big deal? If you do laundry twice a week, that saves 26 hours of drying time over the course of one year.

They Make Clothes Super Soft

No, it doesn’t take chemicals in dryer sheets to soften your clothes. The gentle friction from the natural alpaca wool balls bouncing around helps gently agitate your fabric—without the noise plastic balls make. Favorites from your last sustainable clothing thrift store trip are safe and soft!

They’re Fragrance Free… If You Want

Your clothes will smell fresh and clean without the artificial wildflower or sea breeze. Those with sensitive skin can just toss the dryer balls in and call it a day. Or add your favorite essential oils directly to the balls for the real thing—customized, sustainable fragrance! We particularly love adding a few drops of lavender and chamomile for an all-day cozy calm.

They’re Handmade and Long Lasting

Part of building your sustainable laundry routine is sorting through all the eco friendly laundry products out there for the best. Handmade in Pennsylvania, these are made from natural alpaca wool—a sustainable product. They come in minimal (recyclable) paper packaging. And they last a very long time—months to years, depending on how many loads you do. That’s quite a savings over time!

They’re Beautiful, Just As They Are

We love how the natural colors and soft textures of the alpaca wool blend into our sustainable laundry routine. Fresh out of the dryer, they look so lovely mixing in with our linen, organic cotton, and hemp-tencel blend overalls, dresses, and tunics. In their simplicity, they’re a reminder of how we can incorporate our slow-living values into even our most repetitive household tasks.

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Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls from Cute Pennsylvania Alpacas