Your Search for Sustainable Bedding is Over!

At Lady Farmer, we’ve been on the hunt for clean, safe and sustainable bedding that we love and trust enough to make available to you. So what is sustainable bedding and why should we be concerned about it? We spend approximately one-third of our lifetime in bed. Unless we always sleep on top of the covers, we are literally encased in our sheets and blankets. That means continuous skin-to-fabric contact for the duration of our sleep every night! Cotton sheets might be luxuriously soft, but the heavy use of chemicals in conventional cotton production can remain in the fabric indefinitely. Bleaches, dyes and even flame retardants can be present in conventional bedding. But don’t worry, we’ve found what we were looking for and now—we’ve got you covered!

Welcome Our New Sustainable Bedding Products!

When we experienced how Holy Lamb Organics bedding surpasses the comfort and feel of even our most fancy conventional sheets, a partnership was born. Their sustainable, handmade sheets are made from organic cotton, which we value so highly because it’s free of the pesticides and herbicides used in growing conventional cotton. Their comforters, mattress toppers, and pillows are made of eco-wool, which means that participating ranchers practice healthy, humane, and environmentally sound methods in raising their sheep. Now THAT’s Lady Farmer LOVE!

5 Reasons You’ll Love Sustainable Bedding, Too

So Clean

With this bedding, we feel like we’re sleeping on a pristine cloud! No herbicides, pesticides, dyes or solvents. As a bonus, wool naturally resists bacteria and is antimicrobial and antibacterial, so it’s pure and naturally fresh.

Sweet Breathing

We’re smitten with these dreamy pillows stuffed with lovingly produced, dust-mite resistant eco-wool. Who needs to count sheep when you’re cuddling with them? However you like your pillows stuffed, you can choose between light, regular, or thick, depending on how you sleep. (We personally have the regular, and have found that they offer the perfect combination of support and softness.) Allergy sufferers take note! You might find welcomed relief in using a wool stuffed pillow as an alternative to other treatments.


Sleeping between the eco-wool mattress topper and the comforter feels so luxurious it’s like taking a cloud ride into dreamland every night. Because wool regulates body temperature by its natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties, it keeps us cool in the summer, warm in the winter and sleeping straight for hours whatever the weather. It’s a heaven sandwich, y’all!

Comfy and Safe

We’re pretty happy to snuggle into this gorgeous bedding knowing that, as a bonus, wool is inherently fire resistant. No need for chemical additives here. Mother Nature has her arms around us.

Earth Friendly

We’re SO excited about these sustainable bedding products, not only because they provide the ultimate in a comfortable, safe, and healthy sleep environment. By investing in our own well being in this way, we are also supporting agricultural practices that are restoring rather than depleting the soil. In effect, we are encouraging one of science’s most promisingways of addressing climate change.

Are we saying that we can literally help the planet in our sleep? Yes! If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we are soil nerds here at Lady Farmer. We care deeply how each and every one of the products we bring you affects all the living things that surround us, including the billions upon billions of micro-organisms living under our feet and making all of life above ground possible. So when it comes to this super comfy, healthy, dreamy bedding that helps us sleep AND helps heal our earth, we’re all over it—and in it!