Aliza Eliazarov

What do heritage livestock breeds have to do with sustainable and regenerative farming practices? For Aliza Eliazarov, photography was the discipline that helped her to confront the disconnect she felt with her relationship to her food sources and the land, and opened the door to the importance of preserving heritage breeds and supporting the regenerative farms that are raising them.  Join us as we talk with Aliza, author of “On the Farm” a photo book about heritage livestock breeds, about her stunning livestock portraiture, our shared love of animals, and the benefits of raising heritage and rare animal breeds in contrast with conventional farming practices. 

Aliza’s livestock photography career began when she noticed chickens in a community garden in New York city and decided to start photographing them. Since then, she has made portraits of all kinds of farm animals, from ducks to bison. Her work takes animals out of the context of the farm, focusing on the animals themselves and giving the viewer the opportunity to consider the role that these animals might play in their lives. Aliza believes that slow living comes easier through the observation and companionship of animals.

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