BONUS: The History and Folklore of Brigid: Saint, Legend and Lady Farmer with Kathy Spaar | Episode 27 Reprise

Today's episode is about Brigid, saint and legend, known for her skills at the hearth, the loom, midwifery, healing, poetry and animal husbandry. Kathy Spaar, spiritual director, pilgrimage leader and nature educator shares many of the folklore and stories of this legendary figure from Celtic tradition. As a figure of feminine wisdom and power who presides over the land and the homestead, we consider Brigid the quintessential Lady Farmer, our guide, protector and inspiration for slow living through the seasons.

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Episode Reprise:

  • Imbolc is here!
  • Mary and Emma introduce Kathy and Brigid
  • Kathy introduces herself
  • Brigid's Feast Day
  • Kathy's favorite stories of Brigid
  • Brigid - the quintessential Lady Farmer
  • How does Brigid relate to the times we are in now
  • The most important thing Brigid has taught Kathy



The Almanac Brigidine Sisters Children's Book “Brigid’s Cloak: An Ancient Irish Story” by Bruce Milligan. "Symbols of Plenty" by Ruth Bidgood "Rekindling the Flame " by Rita Minehan

About Lady Farmer:


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