Bridget Jones

 Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 22!

In this episode, Mary and Emma sit down with Bridget Jones from Wildberry Farm in Crownsville, MD. Bridget discusses how she and her husband Matt are keeping the family farm alive in creative ways, not only by traditional farming but by combining their marketing and graphic design backgrounds with agritourism. In this digital age, Bridget and Matt prove that growing crops and raising livestock aren't  the only ways to have a successful farm enterprise. This discussion is such an inspiration for anyone who feels drawn to making a living from the land!

Tune in to our conversation below!


4:20 - The launch of The ALMANAC

Let’s get into the interview!

13:56 - Bridget introduces herself and Wildberry Farm

23:00 - Keeping the family farm alive

30:10 - The history of the farm

37:30 - No-till farming

43:00 - How has the pandemic affected such a young business?

48:40 - Advice for starting your own business.



Wildberry Farm

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