Christa Norman

Our guest today is Christa Norman, a fine artist whose photographic medium is cyanotype. Her work reflects seasons and explores seasons of the human experience. Christa creates floral artwork with flowers grown in her own garden and conceptual collections inspired by her personal life seasons. 

We covered a number of topics in this interview, including the dilemma that comes up so often in our conversations regarding the conflict between pursuing our creative passions and making a living, a common theme for creatives in our current economic system. Christa points out that one of our fundamental roles as humans is to be creators of things, but to a certain extent, we've forgotten that role and we've defaulted into our role as consumers. Join us in this conversation as we discuss, among other things, how this affects us as individuals and in our culture as a whole.

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Topics Covered:

  • Christa's journey with photography, and the path to cyanotype
  • Bringing together creative passion with the need to make a living 
  • What is cyanotype?
  • Louis-Jacques Daguerre
  • Floret Flowers 
  • Our phones, capturing the present moment or taking us out of it?
  • The cost of fine art
  • How Christa's patronage works/ Creating sustainability as an artist
  • Sustainability of Cyanotype as an art medium
  • Cyanotype as a seasonal art
  • What is culture?
  • The role of art in our culture
  • Rae Dunn pottery
  • New York Magazine/ The Cut Article on Rae Dunn
  • Julia Watkins of Simply Living Well
  • Creativity as fundamental to all human


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