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Transform your microbiome and your life with cultured foods, and learn how the simple practice of food fermentation can promote mind and body healing.  On today’s episode of The Good Dirt, Mary & Emma sit down with the founder of Cultured Food Life, Donna Schwenk. Many years ago, Donna found herself pregnant with her third child and in need of a lifestyle change. At 40 with a brand new baby she realized she wanted to live a vibrant life for her newborn and for herself. Enter “kefir'' and the beginning of Donna’s journey towards healing her body, mind and spirit. Cultured food was her pathway towards nurturing for herself and her family. Now Donna devotes her life to sharing the power that cultured food holds to transform your microbiome. Throughout the episode, Donna introduces us to the sacred trilogy that is fermented foods, kombucha and kefir while explaining how to rebuild your gut and reframe your mindset around bacteria. With over 350 free recipes on her site, Donna generously shares her abundant wisdom on cultured foods and on life. She knows when people feel good, they do good.

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