Eva Kosmas Flores

This week, Mary and Emma have a wonderful conversation with photographer, chef,  cookbook author, educator and entrepreneur turned homesteader, Eva Kosmas Flores.  Eva shares her journey to the slow living lifestyle, led by an ancestral pull and deep familial ties that have guided her back to a connection with home, the garden, food, family and community. Always leading with curiosity, Eva talks about her new adventures as a homesteader and what she’s learning from the land. 

Throughout the episode, Mary, Emma and Eva talk about the pursuit of the creative life and how to make it work, native species, permaculture gardening and the complexity of our forest ecosystems. They also discuss their sustainable home projects, creating beautiful and enduring interiors, and the complicated decisions involved in the process.  Eva reminds us that real life is an intersection of all the things we love, and we have permission to pursue all the parts of ourselves.

Listen to our conversation! 



1:25 - Mary and Emma catch up and talk berries! 

5:00 - Eva Kosmas Flores 

Let’s get into the episode:  

6:20  -  Eva introduces herself 

15:50  -  Finding and creating a homestead 

21:00  -  Forestry and restoring the soil 

22:30  -  The importance of native species 

29:00  -  Breaking ground 

33:00  -  A sustainable home  

39:30  -  Timeless, natural interiors  

52:00  -  Loving lots of things

57:30  -  What does the Good Dirt mean to you?  


Things Mentioned: