Greg Yeutter

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 6!

For this episode, we chat with Greg Yeutter, the young entrepreneur behind the Bedtime Bulb, a simple, science-backed, but easily accessible and effective  tool for promoting sleep.

Greg began studying the links between blue light and human health at Drexel University, and his research has shown that lights giving off blue wavelengths interferes with the human biological clock and can negatively impact our sleep. When he realized that his passion for light could be used to solve the problem of sleep deprivation and positively impact people, he knew he’d found his career path! What he didn’t know was how timely and relevant this product would become, when so many people are looking to  embrace the fundamentals of good health.

Tune in to this informative conversation and learn about how light and solid sleep patterns are so interconnected, and what you can do to optimize your body’s natural defenses against disease. And yes, the Bedtime Bulb is available in our online marketplace! And you can keep up with Bedtime Bulb and their future inventions on Instagram at @bedtimebulb.

Listen to our conversation below!

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