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Linen is a woven and durable fabric that gets pulled out of the closet when summer rolls around or spread across one’s bed as a soft blanket or duvet cover. But the big question remains: how sustainable is linen? We speak to Heidi Barr about how she has worked with reclaimed fabrics to reduce textile waste in the industry. She noticed the need for more sustainable solutions when she saw the urgency for making these changes in order to build a healthy, vibrant future with kitchen products that you will want to use every day.

Heidi Barr is the founder of The Kitchen Garden Textiles, a line of kitchen textiles made with natural and reclaimed materials sold to support urban agriculture. Her business began by making napkins out of the backs of second-hand men’s shirts and selling them to support her farm. Now, her company has gained significant traction in the textile industry and is used by some of Philly’s top chefs including Ari Miller, co-owner and chef at Musi BYOB, and by Judy Wicks, environmental activist, author, and founder of the White Dog Cafe.

As a former dancer turned costume designer, her business combines her love for the environment, fabric, and sewing. Heidi uses this passion to continue to inspire other individuals to live a more environmentally conscious and plastic-free lifestyle. Join us on this week’s episode as we dive into the topics of ethically sourced products, environmental stewardship, and Heidi’s personal journey as an entrepreneur.

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Topics Covered:

  • Replacing single-use plastics with sustainable solutions
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Ethical business practices
  • Affordability and sustainable products
  • Greenwashing in the textile industry

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