Janessa Leone

Our guests today are Janessa Leone, founder of the sustainable luxury brand Janessa Leoné, and Rachel Cantu, supply chain and sustainability advisor, and founder of Simplify and Grow Business Consulting. The Janessa Leone brand is bringing the healing potential of regenerative agriculture to rethink their textile supply chain. Janessa Leoné makes beautiful, thoughtful products with impact in mind–hats, accessories and knits. Since launching in 2013– the company has emerged as a leader in sustainability, releasing earlier this year, the first collection of carbon-negative sweaters to be made entirely in the USA 

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, including...

  • how sustainability and luxury pair together
  • Janessa's personal journey in this space–and what has motivated her to pivot her business in this way
  •  the tensions around sustainability in the fashion industry
  •  how regenerative business can heal ecosystems
  •  how to measure impact, and how to share that impact to educate and empower customers

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