Jason Fowler

Discover the power of the potluck as a community forum for the New Agrarian Revival, a movement based in the Bedford, Va. area that offers inspiration for deeply rooted living, cultivating the local food economy and community connection. Our guest today, Jason Fowler, is founder and organizer of Land and Table, an organization that sponsors a monthly potluck event for farmers and like-minded local food enthusiasts, and offers a unique opportunity to gather for a shared meal in an evermore disconnected world. Jason found that not only were these gatherings great opportunities to eat delicious local food, but were formative community building events. Ten years on and the tradition is alive and well, and functions as a time for meaningful connection in reverence for the land, local food, and one another. Throughout the episode, Jason tells his own story of seeking a different way of life for himself and his family, his journey back to the land and his role as community leader in the New Agrarian Revival.

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Topics Covered:

  • Local Food
  • Local Food Movement 
  • Agrarian Philosophy 
  • Community Building 

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Podcast Episodes

  • Great Day Gardens - The Good Dirt Episode 5


Guest Info

  • Connect with Jason at landandtable.com 
  • @land_and_table on Instagram 
  • Merch shop: @newagrarianrevival

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