Jason Schaefer

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 19!

In this episode, Mary and Emma sit down with Jason from Holy Lamb Organics to discuss all things natural bedding. Jason talks us through the processing as well as the certifications and requirements the wool that is used for HLO must go through before it is used. The mattress industry is a 9 billion dollar industry and the majority of the companies produce a ton of waste and use a plethora of chemicals. Learn why better products cost more money and why we should support products and companies that are transparent to avoid greenwashing!


2:50 - Reading a podcast review

6:57 - Holy Lamb Organics is sponsoring the Good Dirt live recording at the Slow Living Retreat

Let’s get into the interview!

9:30 - Know what’s in your mattress - your health depends on it

14:00 - Harmful substances in your mattress

16:18 - Where does HLO’s wool come from?

19:00 - What certifications are out there other than organic?

24:00 - HLO is worth the money and here’s why

30:00 - What HLO’s mattresses are made of

41:33 - Difficulties of running a sustainable business

46:00 - Greatest rewards of running a sustainable business

52:00 - The reality of returning products




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