Jill Winger

167. Being Old-Fashioned on Purpose with Jill Winger

Our guest for today is Jill Winger, creator of The Prairie Homestead who over the last 10 years has influenced thousands of people in rediscovering some of the simpler ways of life–helping people grow their own food, cook healthy meals, raise chickens, bake bread—and SO many other things. And yes, she confesses that an old fashioned life can include modern technology, especially in teaching others through online content creation. But Jill’s mission is more than about teaching skills, it’s about guiding others into slowing down and creating a healthier, more centered, balanced lifestyle that includes our modern realities.

Jill started out on a neglected farmstead 40 miles away from the nearest grocery store, and has grown with her passion for practicing this way of life and teaching others how to find it for themselves. She is the author of The Prairie Homestead Cookbook and her latest release: "Old-Fashioned on Purpose: Cultivating a Slower, More Joyful Life". Jill lets Mary and Emma in on her process of content creation for homesteading, running an online business, finding writing once again, and what challenges she's faced in trying to do it all. This episode is for anyone who wants to strike a healthier balance between old-fashioned living and modern consumer life.

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Topics Discussed

• Being a Homesteader

• Getting Started without a Background in Farming or Ranching

• Finding an Alternative to the Suburban-White-Picket-Fence Dream

• Sparks of Inspiration & Knowing

• Balancing Old-Fashioned Living with Modern Demands

• How Jill's Support System Helps Her "Do It All"

• Jill's Team & Task Delegation

• How to Get People to Consume Your Content

• The Consumer-Creator Relationship

• Dealing with Technology Addiction as an Online Business

• Creator Sustainability

• Boundaries & Intentionality

• The Pros and Cons of Homesteading's Growing Popularity

• Writing Old-Fashioned on Purpose

• Community

• Raising Kids in a Homestead Lifestyle

• Owning a Restaurant

• Outsourcing Where You Can

• Herbicide Long-Term Damage and Aminopyralid Poisoning

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