Julian Calleros

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 16!

In this episode, we sit down with Julian Calleros, the Director of ANIMA Casa Rural - a B&B, artist residency and working farm located in the municipality of Tala in Jalisco, Mexico. ANIMA offers a space that emphasizes the importance of working with nature as opposed to against it. Through permaculture, Julian and his family’s shared ecological beliefs/practices, and focus on the elimination of processed foods, Julian wishes to create a working community amongst every person who visits ANIMA Casa Rural.

Tune in to our conversation below!


1:15 - Virtual Retreat announcement on confirmed workshops -
see the resources below for the mentioned instructors

4:00 - A recording of all the workshops will be available to purchase -
included in the VIP ticket, but also can be purchased separately

5:40 - What is Permaculture?

Let's get into the interview!

10:00 - What is ANIMA Casa Rural?

15:30 - How ANIMA grows and produces their own food

20:00 - The organic growth of ANIMA as a business

24:00 - WWOOF and ANIMA

33:00 - The structures and architecture on the ANIMA property

41:00 - A day in the life at ANIMA

51:00 - What is the biggest takeaway?

54:00 - How Julian has been inspired by Thomas Berry

Links + Resources

Virtual Slow Living Retreat

VIP ticket

Micro greens workshop with @beardedbirdsfarm

Regenerative Agriculture workshop with @smarterbynature

DIY skincare workshop with @littlegreendot

Little Green Dot Book

Cooking classes with @hen_ofthewoods

Medicinal Herb workshop with @thehillbillyafrican

Bill Mollison - creator of permaculture

ANIMA Casa Rural


Metzeri - The Moon Building

Thomas Berry - The Great Work

Special Thanks To...

Marcin Wisniewsky, Adam Williams, Aidan Cowling, Geo Alternativa, Site + Cycle / Lift, Artists in Residency TV, Griebel Family, Proyecta Jalisco, Tala Cultura

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