Kate Kilmurray

In Kate Kilmurray’s experience, weaving is one of the best practices for mindfulness, grounding ourselves in nature, and returning to who we really are. As our hands get involved with each thread, our mind is free to rest from our conscious stream. In this stillness, we are able to ground ourselves and find our inner center within our tumultuous and chaotic surroundings. Join us on today’s episode as we gain more insight into Kate’s journey and how she teaches weaving as a form of meditation to realign with our inner selves. 

After graduating with a degree in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania, Kate ran a small textile business and worked for several years at Swan Gallery in Philadelphia. Faced with health challenges, she discovered yoga and meditation, and found herself called to the path of conscious and contemplative living. Kate received a certification in Mindfulness Meditation, and for fifteen years ran the Mystic River Yoga Studio in Medford, MA with her husband, Arthur, helping students slow down, find freedom in movement, and reconnect to their true nature.

After a move from the east coast to California, Kate became inspired to begin teaching and presenting her visual art with others. She has developed a line of handwoven potholders and textiles made from a simple 7 x 7 inch metal handloom, which she uses in teaching her “Weaving As Meditation” classes. Kate teaches women the principles of hand weaving, while guiding them to slow down, connect to the breath, and tap into their creative channels. "Women leave my workshops with a new set of skills to create their own inner calm and beauty in their corner of the world," she says. Kate has sold her products at over 100 lifestyle stores across the United States, as well as shops in Canada, Denmark, and Japan. Listen to this week’s episode as we explore how the visual arts can be harnessed as a powerful tool of meditation and mindfulness!

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Topics Covered:

  • Interconnectedness and how it nurtures one’s creativity
  • Nourishing ourselves and growing from healthy soil 
  • Reconnecting with our breath
  • Using weaving as a form of meditation 

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