Kayla Lobermeier

Under A Tin Roof is a mother-daughter company created by today's guest, Kayla Lobermeier and her mother Jill Haupt, inspiring others, as their motto says, in living a wholesome, simple, historical life by the seasons. Demonstrating the ways of a slower, more intentional lifestyle, Kayla helps others in bringing the best of domestic history and tradition forward to fit the needs of the present day. As a family-owned and operated business, Under a Tin Roof has much to offer both on site and online, including goods from their small handmade shop and their flower farm, to instruction in traditional recipes and food preservation methods on social media and through Kayla's blog, and even providing intimate dining experiences at their farm. Her love for cooking meals from scratch with homegrown and local ingredients continues to be her main passion and motivation.

Kayla's shares her love of 18th-19th century homesteading through her hand made goods such as embroidery, soaps, apothecary items and the historic clothing we see her wearing. As a busy mom of two boys, Kayla still finds time to write articles for her blog sharing with subscribers historically inspired country recipes, resources for growing and preserving your own food organically, information on herbal and botanical skincare and remedies, and low waste home ideas. 

Join us In this week’s episode, as we discuss with Kayla the joys, challenges, and contradictions in living a simple, historical lifestyle along with the pros and cons of growing a business through social media. It's a great conversation!

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Topics Covered:

  • Learn more about 18th and 19th-century homestead living
  • Impact of social media on lifestyle
  • What it takes to expand and grow a business
  • Living life at a slower pace on a family farm
  • Growing and preserving your own food organically

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