Lincoln Smith of Forested, LLC

Discover the wonders of forest agriculture and agroecology with our guest Lincoln Smith, founder of Forested, an edible food forest devoted to sharing research and knowledge surrounding forest gardens through tours, classes and forest to table dinners. As a champion of good dirt, Lincoln believes that growing forest gardens as a form of environmentalism can reintegrate our lives with nature, and reestablish a connection to the forest as a food source. Having trained in landscape design, Lincoln brings his expertise to food forest projects in and around the DC area, and has seen first hand the effects an edible forest garden can have on a community. Forest agroecology is a slow but rewarding process, that can produce vibrant, delicious and often overlooked foods from native species. He knows that like the forest, humans are interconnected and when we rethink our approach to food and to nature, we can rethink our approach to life. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Edible Food Forests 
  • Forest Gardens 
  • Agronomic Science 
  • Agroecology 
  • Sustainable Landscape Design 
  • Regenerative Agriculture 
  • Rapid Land Development 
  • Permaculture 

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