Lynn Cassells

Rewild the land and yourself by farming in harmony with nature and leaning into regenerative practices that create habitat connectivity. Our guest today, Lynn Cassells, alongside her partner Sandra Baer, owners of Lynbreck Croft, had a shared dream of living closer to the land. And while the pair never meant to be farmers, they found themselves called to the task of stewarding a 150 acre croft in the Highlands of Scotland in 2016. Seized by a vision of farming in collaboration with nature, rather than against it,  they began their mission of creating a place that honored not only their desire to grow their own food, but also the needs of the land and the animals, all working and thriving in a collaborative community.  The whole story of how they unexpectedly became farmers and created a viable and sustainable working farm using their own combination of regenerative and rewilding practices is soon to be available in their upcoming book “Our Wild Farming Life: Adventures on a Scottish Highland Croft” which you can pre-order inside our marketplace!

Lynn’s message - looking back doesn’t have to mean going back. Let the land do the leading and don't be afraid to rewild yourself along the way. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Regenerative Farming 
  • Croft - A small agricultural unit and form of land use/ legal entity unique to Scotland: source via 
  • Rewilding - taking a piece of land and allowing it become self-willed; taking people out of the equation; reintroducing native species; restoration on a wild scale 

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