Eco-Spirituality with Mary and Emma

201. Exploring Eco-Spirituality with Mary & Emma 

In this thought-provoking episode, Emma and Mary delve into the concept of eco-spirituality, discussing its origins, significance, and their personal experiences with it. They reflect on various interviews they've conducted with guests who have touched on this topic, exploring the integration of spirituality with a love for the earth and nature. The episode is a deep dive into how eco-spirituality informs their work with Lady Farmer and The Good Dirt podcast, and how it serves as a path to healing both personally and globally.

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Key Points:

Introduction to Eco-Spirituality:
Eco-spirituality combines the study of ecology and spirituality.
Historically, spirituality and nature were never separate until modern times.
The separation between humans and nature is perceived, not real.
Personal Journeys:
Mary shares her spiritual journey and how it led to her interest in eco-spirituality.
Emma discusses her observations of environmental changes growing up and her connection with nature.
Influential Conversations:
Recap of impactful interviews with guests like Ian C. Williams, Paul Hawken, and Asia Suler.
Insights on how eco-spirituality involves healing oneself to heal the earth.
Themes and Reflections:
The importance of language in discussing eco-spirituality.
The challenge of integrating spirituality and ecology without perpetuating the idea of separateness.
How personal healing practices can contribute to environmental regeneration.
Practical Applications:
Encouragement to connect with nature daily as a form of grounding and healing.
Discussion on how eco-spirituality can be a response to climate change and environmental degradation.
Exploring ways to live with eco-spiritual principles in modern society.
The role of sacredness and reverence in how we treat the natural world.

Resources Mentioned:

Ian C. Williams' book, Soil and Spirit, Seeds of Purpose, Nature's Insight and the Deep Work of Transformational Change
Asia Suler's book, Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self Healing from the Living World
Osprey Orielle Lake's work on climate justice and rights of nature
Claire Dunn's experience of living in nature for a year

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Ian C Williams
Asia Suler
Leah Rampy
Osprey Orielle Lake Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
Claire Dunn

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