Lady Farmer

Dear Listener,

We created Lady Farmer out of a desire to raise awareness around broken systems in our society, and to provide light in the form of information and alternatives.  The prevalent systems that produce our food, our clothing, and our implements of everyday life are inextricably linked to the oppression and abuse of not only human lives, but indeed the source of all of life — all colors, all life forms, all living and breathing things — the earth itself. 

We recognize the need for more diversity in the representation of our goals. We’re committed to bringing you the stories of groups and individuals playing a part in this great work of regeneration, and seeking out those people of color, the black and the brown, the indigenous and the marginalized.  You can trust that our intention is holistic and our agenda is, above all, healing of our systems, ourselves and the land. 

Our hearts are with you, and our hope, as always, is for healing, both individually and collectively, and for the promise of a brighter future that includes everyone. 


Mary & Emma