Hillarie Maddox

This week we are talking to writer, creator and self proclaimed life-long learner, Hillarie Maddox, founder of Black Girl, Country Living. Hillarie preaches the idea that slow living in a lifestyle anyone can live, and focuses her encouragement specifically on the BIPOC community. She climbed the big tech corporate ladder, then ditched the city for slow living and finding her love of nature, and she found herself in the process.

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Topics discussed

  • How Hillarie and her family went from city to rural living
  • What was the new way of being that Hillarie discovered?
  • When you live in an urban environment, many things are made "invisible"
  • A feeling of disconnection might lead to excess consumerism
  • Seeking a slower and more sustainable lifestyle is like peeling an onion
  • How a vision board helped Hillarie and her husband make the shift
  • The shift to slow living does not always mean a move to the country
  • Hillarie speaks to her intention and mission on the land, beginning with gardening
  • Hillarie's gardening experience and desire to share the knowledge
  • Rewilding workshops launching next year, helping particularly bipoc people develop a relationship with nature
  • Hillarie talks about the slow living movement and what that means for people of color 
  • The value of mentors and community in this lifestyle
  • Hillarie's family connection to the original Homesteading Act
  • The changes of agriculture in America in the last century
  • Wendall Berry, The Unsettling of America
  • Hillarie explains what "rewilding" means to her
  • The indigenous people of the region where Hillarie now lives
  • The biggest challenges and rewards of this lifestyle shift for Hillarie's family


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