Sara Buscaglia

Sara Buscaglia is a textile artist and organic farmer who lives in southern Colorado. She’s the creator of Farm and Folk, which is a fusion of her work as both sustainable farmer and folk artist. Sara believes that the magic and alchemy of farming and art are one and the same, and her passion for transferring natural color to natural fibers is a fascination that only grows stronger as the years roll by.

In this conversation we talk about how Sara came to be an organic farmer, her evolution as an artist, her quilting practice and shared thoughts on social media and consumerism. Join us to hear the inspiring story of Sara's slow living journey and the decisions that have influenced her family's intentional lifestyle.

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Topics Covered:

  • Finding farming as a lifestyle
  • Sara's evolution as a fabric artist
  • What is folk art? 
  • The early years of CSA's
  • The intersection of farming and art
  • Their experience hemp farming
  • Sarah's quilting journey and practice
  • Sara's upcoming book project with Abrams
  • Sara's Instagram practice
  • Consumerism culture, and raising children within it

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Farm & Folk

  • On Instagram @farmandfolk
  • Sara's website and online shop:
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