Skylar Saba

Did you know that Gen Z is using fashion TikTok to fight climate change? Joining us on today’s episode is Skylar Saba, a Gen-Z influencer who shares her low waste sustainability tips by engaging online communities in small, fun, and meaningful ways. She shares her love for the outdoors and nature through her Instagram and TikTok platforms, engaging her community with #COOTD highlights (cute outfits of the day) and conscious outfit inspo, recipes, resources, and more.

Skylar Saba is the Founder & CEO of Happy Earth Habits, a major supporter of mamma earth, mindful educator, & sustainability expert. She has grown a community of 40k+ changemakers around the world via Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. HEH has become a resource for sustainability education and low waste living. In addition, Skylar is the Founder and CEO of Skylar C Creative, a branding & social media agency for conscious businesses. She strives to connect individuals with the Earth and live more mindfully.

Today we learn more about incorporating sustainable habits into our everyday lives, how perfectionism isn't necessary to live a low-waste life, as well as ways to share your favorite eco-friendly tips and tricks on social media. We will also be speaking to her about her hopes for the future and how we can take steps at the individual level to connect more deeply with the natural world.

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Topics Covered:

  • Regenerative lifestyle from the perspective of Gen Z
  • The difference between fast and slow fashion
  • How to use social media to inform, educate and inspire
  • Inspiring individuals to reconnect with the Earth and live more mindfully
  • How low-waste living can help reduce carbon emissions

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