Smarter by Nature

Welcome to The Good Dirt, Episode 25!

Mary and Emma sit down with Kip and Angelique, the founders of Smarter by Nature - an urban and rural farming business serving the community in Tallahassee, Florida. Their goal is to provide fresh produce and opportunities for economic sustainability through education as well as to take care of the soil and protect the natural environment. Kip and Angelique share their challenges, methods and aspirations for the future.

Listen to our conversation below!


1:30 - Catch- up with Mary and Emma

6:20 - Introducing Kip and Angelique

Now let’s get into the interview!

9:36 - K&A introduce their business

14:56 - K&A’s role as regenerative farmers

20:00 - Guiding principles of Smarter by Nature

25:00 - The magic of mycelium

30:00 - How to check the minerals in your soil

38:25 - Smarter by Nature’s business model

44:00 - Permaculture and microclimates

48:00 - Transitioning a food desert into an oasis

52:00 - Applying sustainability in every aspect of life


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The Hands-On Home book by Erica Strauss


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