Circadian Pants


Perhaps our favorite item of the Recycled Denim Collection! These pants are easy to move in but they also have a formal look making them perfect for *almost* any occasion. Made of 100% Recycled Cotton from the New Denim Project.

This garment is part of a limited edition collection designed by Line + Tow in Roanoke, VA.

Ethically made in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Machine wash and dry.

How To Wear: 1. Hold pants so tag is touching your torso right below your belly button (Ties should cross in the back). 2. Pull ties to tighten pants around waist. 3. Bring ties to the front so that the back fabric wraps around your waist and lays over the front fabric. 4. Tie ties around waist!

All Line + Tow items are final sale, thank you!

We have chosen products with the highest quality ingredients and materials as close to nature and as clean, organic and chemical-free as possible. We ship items in limited packaging that is either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Our goal is zero waste!

Lady Farmer was formed in response to the growing movement of women who identify with nature and its cycles, simple comforts, tradition and sustainability. It has been such a wonderful journey as the Lady Farmer community grows each year with more and more people seeking a slower, more intentional way of life.

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