Pomona Pants


Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruiting trees and plants. Because one of our goals is for our garments to be completely biodegradable, we wanted to create a pant without any elastics or other synthetics that would never break down--and we did it! These have an inner adjustable tie that’s both practical and flattering, plus they are super comfortable and you can wear them for any occasion. Like all of our clothes, these pants could literally be returned to the earth to nurture the soil when their useful life is over. But that won’t be for a really long time because these are made of a hemp/organic cotton blend that lasts and lasts!

Hemp-Organic Cotton Blend.

Machine Washable.

Sewn in the USA.

Available in grey pinstripe or solid grey.


All Essential Collection garments are final sale, thank you!

We have chosen products with the highest quality ingredients and materials as close to nature and as clean, organic and chemical-free as possible. We ship items in limited packaging that is either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Our goal is zero waste!

Lady Farmer was formed in response to the growing movement of women who identify with nature and its cycles, simple comforts, tradition and sustainability. It has been such a wonderful journey as the Lady Farmer community grows each year with more and more people seeking a slower, more intentional way of life.

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