Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup


We are happy to offer the Lunette Reusable Menstrual Cup; the easy and environmentally-friendly tampon alternative. This bell-shaped silicone cup promises a comfortable, safe and odorless period for up to 12 hours a day. Unlike single use products, you won’t ‘run out’ of menstrual cups, because they last for years. At the end of its life, your retired Lunette cup can be safely burned and it will simply turn to ash - making it a truly 100% zero waste product!

Lunette cups are totally body-safe, made from super soft medical-grade silicone which is BPA and chemical free. Each Lunette Menstrual Cup comes with an easy-carry pouch — made from recycled plastic bottles — and simple instructions for use, so you can keep it with you wherever you go. The packaging is 100% compostable, the clear window on the box is actually made of a sturdy plant cellulose, not plastic!

Sizing & Information: Lunette's sizing is solely based on FLOW - no other complicated measures. Size 1 is ideal for women with an average flow. Size 2 is recommended for much heavier flows. However, we tend to recommend size 1 most often as it is a great universal cup size.

We have chosen products with the highest quality ingredients and materials as close to nature and as clean, organic and chemical-free as possible. We ship items in limited packaging that is either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Our goal is zero waste!

Lady Farmer was formed in response to the growing movement of women who identify with nature and its cycles, simple comforts, tradition and sustainability. It has been such a wonderful journey as the Lady Farmer community grows each year with more and more people seeking a slower, more intentional way of life.

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