“Farm to Closet”

Lately we’ve been taking Lady Farmer to the “road” – bringing her around area events and spreading the word. We don’t have much to sell yet (besides our swaggy tees & totesthat we’re having a hard time keeping around!) but we have do have lots to talk about and share. A huge part of our business is and will continue to be mere education on the ideas of slow and sustainable fashion. While it is becoming better-known and even in some cases accepted as main-stream, convincing people of the urgency with which we’re needing to respond to this environmental and humanitarian crisis is no small feat. We’ve also found it to be an incredibly broad and all-encompassing subject – after all, each of us does wear clothes every day, so it’s just a big, big thing to bring about change.

In talking about Lady Farmer, we’ve come to find that both an efficient and incredibly accurate way to describe what we’re doing is as “farm-to-closet” – a play on the “farm-to-table” movement… 🙂 We want our consumers to think about clothes as an agriculture product – as the seeds they came from to how they were treated while they were in the ground, to how they were harvested to what happened between harvest and clothing their bodies. It’s big stuff!

Here’s a little round-up of where we’ve been lately:

1) Rocklands Farm Winery & Market {For the Montgomery County Countryside Artisans tour}


2) Conscious Fashion Panel + Pop Up – WeWork Manhattan Laundry, DC


3) Spring Market at Kentlands Mansion, Gaithersburg


More soon! Stay tuned!

– Mary & Emma