Status Update

We know! It’s taking sooo long! (Slow fashion, y’all.)

On our end, we’ve felt incredible momentum and as much busy-ness as we can allow. We’ve tried to convey this momentum as much as possible through our various channels but are first to admit that we haven’t been the best about newsletter/status updates on the main event…the clothes! In an effort to bring things as up to speed as possible, we’ll give you a brief run-down here, and a sneak peek at our look-book. We must preface all of this by saying there is almost no predicting final fabrics, colors, and timelines in this world, we must be okay with some things shifting in production depending on what is available, but what you’ll see in these photos is the best representation of what our final Collection will look like when it is finished!

  1. We have 5 complete samples designed and sewn to perfection! A sample is the same thing as a prototype, it is simply a one-off of what we are looking to produce on a larger scale. They include: a tunic, a (wear-it-4-ways) dress, a sleeveless dress, an overall, and a pair of pants. All of these pieces have pockets and are designed with warmer weather in mind, but are each layer-able and therefore multi-seasonal/transitional. We’ve been working closely with a local seamstress-turned-dear-friend, Velma, to bring these to life.
  2. We’ve been sourcing fabric so far in very small quantities for sample-making but will need to place larger orders as soon as we have the production funds from our Kickstarter Campaign (more on that soon!)
  3. We’ve located at least one manufacturing facility that we are excited to work with. They are located in Fall River, MA and they are doing good work to re-shore the apparel manufacturing industry. Good Clothing Co., check them out. They are currently creating one of their own factory samples out of one of our “Velma” samples so that they can give us an accurate quote of what production might cost if we go with them. Production cost will depend on how many pieces we are planning to run. Economy of scale comes into play here, so the more we think we’ll sell, the more we’ll make, and the more affordable the whole thing will be. So, tell your friends! 🙂
  4. We’re also working to develop our (for now, more bespoke) Lady Farmer Home line, featuring table linens, and have been commissioned to provide the napkins for a few different fancy dinners in our area. The next one is Farm-to-Fork, a benefit dinner to promote the Montgomery County Ag Reserve, the very reserve we hope to establish our own fiber and textile farm one day in the near future to bring even more of our supply chain home!
  5. As we gear up for our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign launch next month, we are planning to be at as well as host a few more area events – taking our samples on the road for people to see & try on so they are ready to pre-order through Kickstarter. We’ll be at the first annual Homesteaders of America Conference in Warrenton, VA, the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello near Charlottesville, VA, participating in the Loudon County Farm Tour with George’s Mill Cheese (come see us at their barn dance!), and we’ll be co-hosting a shopping party at local boutique Sonoran Rose, proceeds to benefit the Ag Reserve, to name a few. I’m aware that we need a separate “Events” calendar section on our website as I type all of these things out. I’ll work on that!
  6. We are continually working on updating our online store (refreshing Lady Farmer T-Shirt inventory, adding tanks and baby onesies(!), as well as working with other Lady Farmers to stock some different goodies) and will also let you know as things become available.
  7. We’re busy in the garden and kitchen, putting up slaw & salsa with the abundance of summer veggies, and I recently ran across Queen Anne’s Lace jelly on Instagram and am curious to try it…has anyone done this? Who knew