Slow Down With 4 Podcasts About Time

It's week five of the Slow Living Challenge and we're contemplating our time. How we spend it, who we spend it with, and what we prioritize. To go more in-depth on discussions about time, mindfulness and slow living, head over to The Good Dirt podcast and listen in on these episodes.

Futuresteading with Jade Miles. We recently sat down with Jade Miles from Black Barn Farm to discuss her book Futuresteading. In this episode we ask the question about whether or not the decisions we’re making every day will lead to a more regenerative, sustainable lifestyle. Futuresteading is grounded in a slow, steadier existence

Home Composting with Jeremy Lang. There’s nothing better to slow down your food cycle and add a regenerative step in your gardening than introducing a compost pile. As we head into spring, we’re listening back to this episode with Jeremy from Pela on the many benefits of a compost and how to get started.

Rewilding Our Souls with Claire Dunn. Learn about primitive earth skills and how Claire’s experience with them expanded her connection with the natural world. Claire shares her experience from a one-year immersion into nature and how it impacted her mind and body.

 Reevaluating Our Needs with Danielle Alvarado. This episode we question “what do we actually need?” and “what makes us happy?” as a way to shift our focus toward a slower, simpler lifestyle. This began in fashion for Danielle Alvarado, but join us as we discuss her journey from sustainable fashion to slow living. 

 The Good Dirt Podcast

The Good Dirt is a weekly podcast is hosted by Mary and Emma from Lady Farmer with lively discussions and actionable takeaways to build a more sustainable community. To listen to all episodes of The Good Dirt, look for us wherever you get your podcasts!

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