Jade Miles

Ever dream about moving to a Homestead? In today's episode, we're talking to Jade Miles of Black Barn Farm. Jade is the author of FUTURESTEADING, a practical and inspirational guide to living in a way that values tomorrow and the host of a podcast by the same name. Futuresteading is grounded in a slower, simpler, steadier existence as the first step – one that’s healthier for humans and the planet. In addition, Jade runs Black Barn Farm with her husband and their three children, inspired by their belief in building a localized fair food system.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Jade tells us about her background and journey to Black Barn Farm
  • Jade and her husband Charlie's commitment to land stewardship and local food systems
  • Experiencing the 2019-2020 fires in Australia
  • Governmental vs. individual responsibility in addressing the global environmental issues
  • Diversity and Permaculture at Black Barn Farm as a “beyond organic” orchard, an educational resource, a nursery, a local food provider and a working homestead for Jade and her family
  • Farm Scale permaculture
  • Futuresteading is about “...assessing whether or not the decision that you make will have an outcome that is regenerative, sustainable or degenerative.” 
  • Growing Mountain Pepper, an indigenous bush food
  • Connecting with the indigenous First Nations people of the land
  • Educational opportunities at Black Barn Farm include school and upskilling workshops 
  • Sustainable Table
  • Futuresteading the book 
  • Futuresteading the podcast

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