Shifting Seasons

“The backbone of summer is broken”. That’s what my grandmother would say on days like these when the light is sharp and shimmery and you find yourself having to talk over the bug sounds in the late afternoon and then when the sun goes down you wish you had a sweatshirt.  It captures the melancholy of another season’s passing but belies the vibrant life in the lush, unruly growth of flora and foliage surging in these shortening days. It’s lost all discipline, this garden-gone-wild, with the dahlias and zinnias and marigolds all shouting it out, their colors almost raucous, the weight of the tomatoes pulling down their own stakes and overtaking everything around them, the morning glory vines outrunning the beans. But that’s okay, we’re past the struggle of a tidy garden, at least for this year. All I want to do is be outside worshipping on this altar of light and color and sound, this magical atmosphere of late summer. But there’s work to be done in the harvest and preparation for what’s to come.

We’re transitioning into a new season at Lady Farmer as well. It’s been a year of growing an idea, bringing a vision into form and little by little letting our creation out into the world. We planted the seeds of intention to heal something that’s very broken in the world and watched them sprout and grow and they are now flowering in so many ways! We have launched our company, developed our mission and purpose and have created a line of clothing that reflects everything we are about. Our year has brought us so much beauty, inspiration and connection to people and projects that has both sharpened our focus and broadened our community of passionate creators. And as the season of design and development shifts to this next phase of full production, we feel full, inspired and hopeful.

We are now a month away from the official beginning of our fundraising season, our goal being able to manufacture our Essential Collection line of sustainable clothing, due in our online store in spring of 2018. Get a sneak peak at our lookbook by clicking hereand get full details on our upcoming Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign by making sure you’re subscribed to our email list and following along our social media channels.

If you would like to see this project thriving in the world, providing an ethical alternative to toxic fast fashion, share our message and consider making a contribution on September 28th to be part of creating something better for all.

We thank you!