Elisabeth de Gramont

134. Sustainable Fashion Meets Style and Innovation with Elisabeth de Gramont of Frank And Oak

Deep-dive into one brand's process in sourcing & developing responsible fashion. This week, Mary & Emma are chatting with Elisabeth de Gramont, Chief Brand Officer and Head of Impact at Frank And Oak.

Combining style, design and technology since it was founded in Montreal in 2012, Frank And Oak offers collections of sustainable, durable clothing and accessories for men and women that are thoughtfully designed and well suited to the lifestyles of its customers. Inspired by responsible thinking and with an eye to the future, Frank And Oak believes that dressing with intention can inspire a more conscious lifestyle for all.

They strive to inspire better living through thoughtfully designed products that care about you and the planet. Above all, they believe in helping communities to build a diverse and inclusive world that enriches our society, sustainably.

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Topics Discussed

  • Elisabeth's background and journey to Frank And Oak
  • Unified Commerce Group  
  • History of Frank And Oak brand 
  • 2017 Frank And Oak took a strong turn towards sustainability
  • Elisabeth's current role with Frank And Oak
  • What's the relationship between scalability and sustainability? How can sustainable brands scale up?
  • Seawool
  • How FAO screens and selects suppliers
  • 100% Responsible Product announcement
  • Frank And Oak denim
  • SeaCell
  • Frank And Oak's other sustainable product innovations
  • Kapok
  • Yak Wool as an alternative to cashmere
  • Problems with cashmere
  • How Elisabeth's own experience and evolution with sustainable fashion, and how covid shifted her perspective 
  • Consumer culture in the US is different than other cultures in its prioritization of price and appearance over source
  • Guppy Friend washing bag for microplastic pollution
  • Frank And Oak's updated progress report
  • Frank And Oak's focus on end-of-life options for garments
  • Consumer education on the issues with the recycled PET microplastics
  • Frank And Oak has eliminated all virgin polyester from their production


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