Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey

Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey are the cofounders of ettitude, an award-winning material science and lifestyle company innovating eco-textiles to fight climate change. Why does this matter? Listen to this conversation to hear why eco-textiles are so important, and what to look for when looking to purchase textiles for your home. With its proprietary technologies, ettitude offers sustainable bedding, bath essentials, apparel and a variety of textiles made with CleanBamboo. 

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Topics Discussed:

  • The Old Farmer's Almanac
  • Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey introduce themselves and their company ettitude, and describe their "aha" moments in getting behind sustainable textiles.
  • The problems with plant-based textiles and the toxic processes used in their production
  • A discussion of the different types of plant-based fibers, such as viscose, lyocell, Tencel, cotton, and bamboo
  • Bamboo as a high-performance textile and it's advantages over cotton
  • How does bamboo measure up to organic cotton? 
  • The beneficial aspects of bamboo in regards to climate
  • Eutrophication: a term to explain how many toxic chemicals are being released into the atmosphere or into the environment.
  • Kiss the Ground


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