Jenni Harris

Today our guest is Jenni Harris, daughter of Will Harris and 5th generation Harris family member at White Oak Pastures. In the mid-90s, her father Will Harris recognized the problems in late 20th-century agriculture and decided to take his whole operation back to the days of his great-grandfather. He gave up chemical inputs and animal confinement farming and began implementing regenerative farming before it was even a word. White Oak pasture-raises 10 species of livestock, eggs, organic vegetables, and honey on almost 5,000 acres of land and does it in what they call a “radically traditional way.” Jenni is here to talk to us about White Oak Pastures and how they have continued to evolve as an online source for high-quality meat while maintaining not only a commitment to land stewardship and sustainability but to their rural community as well. 

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Topics Discussed:

  • The story of White Oak Pastures
  • Jenni's early knowledge that she was gay and her journey away from her hometown
  • The transition of the farm back to more traditional practices
  • How the farm changed over the years in order to achieve resilience
  •  The challenge for conventional farmers to change to a different model
  • The challenges for the grass-fed beef industry for American farmers
  • Meat production as a contributor to climate change
  • Sacred Cow by Diana Rodgers - it's not the cow, it's the how!
  • Epic Provisions, owned by General Mills measuring soil assessments to demonstrate the livestock as a regenerative product
  • Carbon emissions in the Impossible Burger
  • White Oak Pastures Rural Revival 
  • The value of knowing your farmer


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