Aaron Deacon

Today we are talking to Aaron Deacon, creator of BIOS Nutrients, a natural plant fertilizer that provides natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers & pesticides for indoor plants, gardens, and farms.  Aaron’s story is truly one of curiosity, passion, and drive to find a solution to something he cares very much about, which is soil health and thriving plants. His fertilizers and pesticides are made with all-natural, organic ingredients to keep your soil & plants free of harmful chemicals, handmade with love and care.  All batches are lab tested to ensure you're getting the best for your indoor plants, gardens, or farms. In this conversation, we talk not only about soil science but also about the spiritual and metaphorical aspects of our human relationship to healthy soil and how good dirt is key to all life on the planet.  

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Topics Covered:

  • Aaron's background growing cannabis, and discovering life in the soil
  • Korean Natural Farming and utilizing fermentation for soil health
  • Natural vs Synthetic
  • How to use the BIOS products
  • Nourishing your indoor plants
  • Our human connection to soil biology
  • Aaron's learning curve in soil microbiology
  • Creating the natural fertilizer, leaning into nature and intuition, creating a balance of microbes
  • Aaron's basement operation
  • The challenge of educating people regarding life in the soil
  • Positive testimonials
  • The importance of educating children in soil biology
  • How to Do Nothing by Jenny O'Dell

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