Ann Molloy

192. Ann Malloy on Embracing Organic Fertilizer with Neptune's Harvest

How do we nurture our plants and gardens with the best, most sustainable fertilizer around? One family’s quest for sustainability in their business led to the creation of Neptune’s Harvest, a full line of organic fertilizers that utilizes the by- product of the seafood industry. Today, Emma and Mary are talking with Ann Malloy from this 5th generation family-run company specializing in organic fertilizers that take the 60-70% They delve into Ann's personal journey from art student who traveled with the Grateful Dead to her pivotal role in marketing and sales at Neptune's Harvest as bookkeeper. We learn about the company's history, evolving from a seafood business in Gloucester, Massachusetts, to pioneering a variety of organic fertilizers from fish so that all parts of fish are used after a harvest. If you’re wondering what is so special about fish fertilizer, Anne shares all of the benefits that we can expect from Neptune’s Harvest and her favorite products. Get ready to make some good dirt!

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Topics Discussed:

· The Grateful Dead

· From Art Major to Bookkeeper

· Working in a Family Business & Passing it to the Next Generation

· Chitin

· Growing Squash Plants

· Seed Starting and Sustainable Gardening

· Organic Fertilizers

· Ann’s Journey & The Fascinating History of Neptune's Harvest

· The Benefits of Fish Fertilizer

· Gardening Tips

· Using Fish Waste

· The Environmental Impact of Fish Waste Disposal

· Soil Enhancers

· Liquid Humate

· Italian Heritage

· Nutrients in Soil & Food

· Combatting Garden Pests with Natural Solutions

· The Importance of Sustainable and Organic Gardening

· Addressing Climate Change and Its Effects on Fishing

· Celebrating Gloucester's Rich Fishing History

· Understanding Organic Labels and Certification

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· Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer

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