BONUS: Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen | Part 2

The Slow and Sustainable Kitchen | Part 2 

In Part 2 of the Slow Kitchen Bonus, Mary and Emma discuss ideas for simple, real food prep and their favorite kitchen equipment. They cover the process of making one whole chicken into several nutritious meals, using dried garbanzo beans for a variety of different dishes, and simple but delicious salad ideas. You'll also hear about the use of fermenting for kefir, sourdough and a variety of vegetables. Their go-to kitchen tools include the immersion blender, the Chemex drip coffee maker, a bamboo bread slicer and slow cookers. The goal is to demystify the slow food practices and gradually implement them into your daily life until those techniques are what you'll choose-- because they become the "convenience" foods.

Bread Slicers:

Emma's bread slicer
Mary's bread slicer
Vitaclay Cookers

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